Maxed out- Amanda Powers

Maxed out- Amanda Powers
I have to say you are SOOO hot, but you already know that. I was thinking of a financial domination clip. One where you tell me how you want to manipulate, seduce and tease me (while showing off your tight young body) into financial ruin, but you want it so that i max out all my credit cards for you. You want to see how far in credit card debt you can put me. That maxing out my credit cards is the ONLY way you want to ruin me. That you want me so maxed out that i’ll never get out of debt because of you. And you’ll be laughing at me as you look at how big your bank account is while im broke and in debt forever.
Published Jun 2, 2019
Financial Domination, Financial Domination
Media Typemp4
Play Time00:06:34
ResolutionStandard 480p
File Size120.82 MB

The price for one video is from 2 to 50$ depending on exclusivity. Contact to admin.

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