Kind of a wild take on a footjob and a new one for us. This is another really HOT scene not to be missed!!!! Allura is kind of at risk of losing her job. Now she’s been keeping it by doing “favors” for her boss who likes feet. But now her performance has led to him needing a little something more. So what does Allura do? Offers up her sexy stepdaughter’s feet as a gift to her boss. At first Lela is confused. When she realizes what’s about to happen she pulls back but mother reminds her that if she has no job then they have no car, Lela has no more fancy clothes or cell phone. Lela decides reluctantly to “pitch in” and help out. The boss begins by worshipping Lela’s sexy wrinkly feet. He inquires why Allura is just sitting there not contributing. Allura jumps down to the floor and removes her boss’s pants and places his cock in her mouth. He continues to worship and occassionally tickle little Lela and then he takes her pointy, wrinkly feet and wraps them around his cock. Allura watches for a bit and then dives in smashing her face in her stepdaughter’s feet and continues to suck her boss’s cock as it penetrates through Lela’s sexy arches. Allura takes a break at one point so he can fuck Lela’s feet and he even has Allura tickle poor Lela lightly for his own pleasure. Then Allura dives back in, sucking his cock until he cums in her mouth. He instructs her to hold it though and put it on Lela’s feet with her mouth. She dumps his cum on her wrinkly soles and rubs it around and even tickles Lela again. Satisfied, Allura has bought herself more time at her job.

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Stepdaughters Feet Save Moms Job HD.wmv

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