THIS IS ONE YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!! In our opinion, this scene is one of the most natural, sexy and beautiful scenes we have done to date! A little sock worship, a lot of bare worship and two girls genuinely really passionately going after each others’ feet!! Ava knows that it’s Tay’s birthday and she also knows that Tay has a ravenous foot fetish but until now she’s kept her feet off limits. Today is Tay’s lucky day and Ava calls her on the phone and tells her to come home because she has a surprise for her. She enters the room and and Ava tells her happy birthday. With the pleasantries over the two sit on the bed and Tay gets to the point and asks where her special present is. Ava responds by saying “right here” pointing to her feet. Tay plays dumb and says she doesn’t understand.. Ava says that she knows how much Tay loves feet and her birthday present is that she can do anything she wants with hers for the whole day. Tay gets very excited and immediately dives into Ava’s socked feet. Tay is getting really worked up and wants more so she asks Ava to roll over so Tay can straddle Ava and go to work on her socked feet. After a little sock-covered worship Tay removes Ava’s sock so she can really go to town worshipping her bare feet!! Tay goes crazy worshipping Ava’s feet and Ava is really getting worked up over it! When Tay has her fill she is very appreciative but Ava tells her the surprise is not over yet!! Ava has Tay lay down and she gets after Tay’s bare feet worshipping them passionately. Ava completely eats Tay’s feet driving Tay crazy. Tay thoroughly enjoys her worship and Tay asks her when they can do this again and Ava tells her the Christmas is just around the corner!!! :)

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