Cali invites Danica over to her place as she’s in need of some help. Cali is trying to get better at her “trance therapy” and so she needs Danica to let Cali practice on her. Cali also see an opportunity to get a little something for herself as well as roommate Dre! You see Dre is pretty open about her love of feet and so Danica knows all about Dre but she doesn’t know that Cali likes feet too. Anyway, Cali is going to challenge herself by getting Danica to do the one thing Cali knows she doesn’t want to do. When Danica arrives as the video opens, she comes in and sits down. Ironically she immediate asks if Dre is around and Cali says no, why? Danica say that she likes her and all but she gets weirded out when Dre is always trying to get her to lick and play with Dre’s feet. Cali tells Danica Dre is not around but is now aware that the idea of Dre, feet and foot play is on Danica’s mind everytime she comes over. So, Cali begins the trance induction and once Danica is out, she instructs her that when she awakens she’ll realize how much she’s infatuated with Cali and her feet and also whenever Danica is asked about Dre she’ll want her feet too! Cali snaps her fingers and it’s on from there! Danica tells Cali that she feels good but must tell her something. Danica goes on to tell Cali that she’s totally infatuated with her and her feet! Cali knows it’s clear to make her move and she goes in for the . The girls begin to kiss lovingly as Danica pulls Cali’s leg up to remove her shoe and rub her sexy bare sole. The girls then lie back on the sofa and share each others’ feet. After a long sexy foot worshipping Cali sits up and asks Danica what about Dre. Danica responds as if a lightbulb just went off in her head and she needed to do something else. She gets excited and says that they would go find her. The girls leave and go to find Dre. They find her in her bedroom lying down. Cali brings Danica in and tells Dre that Danica has something to say. When she tells Dre she wants her feet Dre knows that something is up. She insinuates to Cali that she’s done something Cali confesses and Dre is ready for action with a big smile! The girls both get on Dre’s feet at the same time licking, nibbling and sucking her soles as they stop occasionally to make out, sometimes at Dre’s request……she’s such a perv!! :) After a long shared worship session on Dre, Dre tells the girls that they should do this more often and Danica agrees! Looks like Cali’s trance therapy is working very well!

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Length: 29 minutes
Size: 886 MB
Format: WMV
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