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Video clip: Beautiful Miss Londyn stands over her pathetic slave and looks down on his with contempt as he is licking her shoes.


Soles of Mistress Denna’s shoes are dirty from walking on the street and the slave’s tongue will have to clean them.


Mistress Londyn is cruelly toying with her loser slave who worships her. She makes him her footstool and then kicks him away for moving too much, then orders him to lick her shoes and feet clean.


Mistress Londyn’s red heels need polishing and her slaves tongue will have to do it.


Video clip: Mistress Cydelle is busy asnwering her fan’s emails while he slave girl is lying under her feet, worshiping them and serving as a footstool


Video clip: Sammie Spades is texting her friend and completely ignoring the slave boy under her feet. He has to worship her wedge sandals and her bare feet as well.


Goddess Sierra lays in bed, ignoring her foot slave Connor as he licks her sexy strappy heels. He wants her to notice him, so he takes her shoes off and does her favorite thing..licks her bare feet. She casually moves her feet around as he chases after them and licks her soles and toes.


Princess Kylie is wearing sexy high heels, and shoving her feet roughly into her slave’s face. She takes a picture of her feet on his face and texts it to one of her friends, totally humiliating him by doing so. Then she forced him to suck on the heels of her shoes and lick her shoes clean, and then she takes the shoes off and makes him worship her bare feet.