A SUPER HOT CUSTOM SCENE that leaves the soles and toes of all involved GLISTENING with saliva and sexy orgasms too. Holly is home from college. Her sister Tatum is sitting and sulking in the living room. Tatum is about to graduate or at least she wants to but she’s having trouble in one class making the grade. Her teacher Miss Shy doesn’t appear to intend to give her a passing grade. Holly is excited that it’s Miss Shy. She loved Miss Shy in school and had a great relationship with her. Holly offers to bring her over to see if something can be worked out. When Miss Shy arrives they talk a bit before they send Tatum out to have a private talk. Once out of the room, Holly and Miss Shy drop the facade and end up in a loving embrace. They embark on a foot worshipping session. Jasmine devours Holly’s feet first and they Holly returns the favor. Then Miss Shy admits to wanting Tatums sexy little wrinkly feet and was using the grade to get to them. Holly is all in for this little game and the girls go to see Tatum. She’s told to get the grade she’ll have to let them both worship her feet. Each girl takes a turn with her feet while the girls vibrate each other during their turn. Both Holly and Jasmine have wonerful orgasms while having their turn soaking Tatums super sexy, wrinkly feet. The Tatum has to fulfill the other part of getting the grade, worshipping their feet. She dives in with wreckless abandon and drenches both girls sexy feet. Jasmine feels she’s done enough and that she’ll make sure she passes. They send Tatum away for another private moment. Jasmine still all worked up wants something a little extra. She straddles Holly’s sexy feet for some “foot love” as she rides her feet to a magnificent orgasm! Super hot!

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