This is, we think, a HOT new scene that you’re going to love. Sacha, Paris, Taz and Crash all come into the room giddy and excited! They’re going to have a little “foot party”. Once they’re all on the bed Crash takes charge telling the girls how they’re going to do it. Crash and Taz lay on their tummies in “the pose” backed up against each other while Paris and Sacha straddle them. With their feet back to back Paris and Sacha dive in to devour the feet in front of them. One at a time they each passionately suck and lick and nibble Taz and Crash’s sexy, soft wrinkly feet. The girls each take turns putting the feet together and trying to eat all the toes at once before they pass the foot of their partner to the other. They continue on with the other feet of Taz and Crash before putting all four togther and worshipping them. Crash and Taz are loving their treatment but the desperately want some sexy feet in their mouths so the girls trade places. Taz and Crash are just as ravenous as their counterparts as the sucking, licking, nibbling, pointing and moaning goes on and on. The girls decide to cap off their little foot party with a mini tickling party too! It degrades into a wild little tickle fight before the girls collapse happy and fulfilled! We’d love to hear what you guys think about this little “foot party” arrangement!

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