Mia is hungry for some action. She wants nothing more than to wrap her sexy wrinkly soles around a hard cock. Unfortunately as she sends out text messages for a booty call she gets nothing back. No one is available to service her and she’s not too happy about it. Desperate for the feel of something hard between her arches Mia turns to her only option. She pulls our her dildo and sticks it to the door. She lubes it up and begins to play with it with her toes. Mia then rolls over on her stomach and backs up to grasp the substitute cock between her wrinkly, pointed feet and strokes it slow and sexy. It does the job as Mia clearly gets aroused by the sensation. She jerks it nice and slow but then clamps her feet around it harder and harder as she goes faster and faster. The more heated she gets the harder she clamps onto it and the faster she goes. Mia eventually rips the dildo from the door as she squeezes it between her wrinkly arches really hard. While we watch wishing it was all of us you can’t help but at least be glad to see her in action doing something she clearly loves to *

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